Apple’s October 22nd Event Confirmed: “We still have a lot to cover.”

It’s confirmed! Apple has sent out the invitations for their 22nd October 2013 event which is one day shy of being exactly one year later from last year’s 23rd event where Apple introduced the super thin iMacs, 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, iPad 4th generation and the iPad mini. The event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts, in San Francisco, which means that Apple will most probably have a lifestream that will accompany the liveblog.

Apple just recently updated their iMacs with all new Haswell processors and Nvidia 700 series graphics which means that that’s done and ail not make an appearance. The most anticipated part of this event will most likely be the new iPads. The iPad mini will be upgraded to an A7 processor that will be able to run the new Retina display (2048×1536 with 300+ PPI) for it and handle the Touch ID sensor that they’ll most likely include on the iPad. That will really fix the only problems with the last generation iPad mini: the display and performance. There’s a chance that we might see an A6X processor used but not likely considering that the A7 is the only chip architecture that works with Touch ID. The iPad will see a huge performance bump to its already beastly A6X CPU with the addition of an all new A7X chip that should just blow everything else out of the water. The iPad will also have a new design akin to the mini where it’s more rounded around the corners and the bezels are thinner resulting in a lighter and thinner device. The MacBook Pros will be updated with all new Haswell processors and there’s a chance that Apple may axe the older non-Retina Pros and make the Retina Pros the standard at slightly lower price points, but don’t hold your breath for it because the Retina ones are still expensive to make and the current set up seems to work for Apple. Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks will make a public debut and will be available for download at a price of $20 or maybe even Free! The iLife and iWork software suites will also be refreshed with both of them begin offered for free, for the first time.


You can watch 10th September event here.

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