Apple’s September 10th iPhone event is official

The rumored September 10th date is real! That’s right, you can now mark your calendars for the arrival of Apple’s new iPhones. The event will be happening at 10AM Pacific Time in Cupertino at Apple’s Campus, No.1 Infinite Loop. We will be covering the event live with minute-by-minute updates on our liveblog. The liveblog will be posted on the day of the event with a live stream (if it’s available from Apple).

We should note that this is Apple’s first major product announcement all year so there’s a lot of pent up excitement among fans and people alike. In terms of updates, we are expecting new Retina and normal MacBook Pros, Mac mini and iMacs, with Haswell chips. iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks will also be released to the public. Most importantly, of course, will be the new iPhones and yes it’s iPhones because this is the first year ever when Apple will be announcing not one, but two iPhones. The first is the expected iPhone 5S, following up the current iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5C which will be the new kid on the block as Apple’s first entry into budget smartphone market. The 5S will have updated specs, camera and possibly a fingerprint sensor. The 5C, on the other hand, is a budget phone so don’t expect the latest specs. It will probably have an 4″ retina display, A6 chip, 5MP camera and a new plastic design in several different colors. Now that’s a lot coming up and any Apple should be super excited!

You can watch October 22 event here

Update: Apple will also be holding another event in Beijing, China on the 11th of September to show off whatever they have in store, again to the people of China. Now this is a first for Apple but it indicates that Apple is going all in with its newer cheaper iPhone 5C which is mainly targeted towards large and emerging markets like China. Tim Cook has also been, reportedly, going around and meeting up with major executives at Chinese telecom companies.

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