Top 7 Best Kodi Builds of all time

A Build is a collection of Skins, Add-ons, Background, Widgets, Customization to Settings that can be added to your Kodi app. By using the Kodi Build, You can reduce your timings to install your favourite addons.

Now let us see the list of best Kodi builds and its features.

  1. CellarDoor TV
  2. Zero Tolerance
  3. Fire TV Guru
  4. Xenon
  5. Wookie
  6. Kirks
  7. Stephen Builds

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CellarDoor TV

CellarDoor TV is yet another best Kodi builds and the contents which are present in this build are working very well. It has a lot of best and most popular addons and includes various sections. It has a huge database and having so many categories involves Movies, Apps, Kids, TV Shows, Sports, TV Pro, and lots more.

Zero Tolerance

There are multiple builds are present in the Zero Tolerance build. Especially Kryptikz Build is one of the famous Kodi build present in it. Kryptikz build has so many categories including Cartoons, Documentary Zone, Explore, Movies, Sports, System, Music, My Lists, TV Shows etc. It can also includes a lot of popular addons like The Pyramid, 1 Channel, Supremacy, Maverick TV and much more.

Fire TV Guru

Fire TV Guru is one of the best Kodi builds and also recommended for the Kodi users. It is available from the Fire TV Wizard. Aeon Nox Skin can be used in this build. There are so many categories are available in this build namely Maintenance, System, Movies, TV Shows, Kids Corner, Sports Centre, Music, Misc, All in one, and lots more. In this, Maintenance, System is the newly added category which gives enrichment to this Build.

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Xenon is one of the most popular Kodi Builds and still it is working very well. It is available from the Diggz Fire Wizard. It has so many categories including Android, Favourites, Kids Zone, Your Library, Live TV, Movies, Power, Sports Zone, Streams, TV Networks, TV Shows, All in one, etc. It also includes all the latest working addons like Covenant, BoB Unleashed, Specto Fork, Duck Pool, and lots more.


Wookie is also one of the best Kodi build and works very well without using the Ares Wizard. There are a lot of sections are available in this build namely Movies, Sports, Bob, Exodus, Live TV, TV Shows, UK Turk, All in one, Power, Kids, Music, System, 4K, Wookie Flix etc. In addition, It has a lot of popular working addons like Project M, Supremacy, Covenant, and much more.


Kirks is yet another great Kodi builds and has a huge database. The Aeon Nox Skin can be used in this build. Even this build also having a lot of sections including Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kids, Documentaries, Video on demand, Music and much more.

Stephen Builds

Stephen is one of the best Build and it provides different builds for Kodi Krypton as well as Kodi Jarvis. The Stardust, Supremacy, Meltdown are the popular addons available in the Krypton builds. The Jarvis Build has some best addons like Mach 1, Mach Black Glass, Sky Mach etc.



In this article, We have explained about the top best Kodi builds. There are a lot of builds are available in Kodi but some of them will become very popular. By this way, we have sorted out the best Kodi builds and described it in this article. First, you have to install and try this Kodi builds. If you have any queries regarding these builds, Kindly do let us know through comments.

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