Best kodi gaming addons for xbox

This is a kind of wired article. Who would play games on kodi, when they can play all the games on Xbox itself. To do something like this, you need to install kodi on Xbox and install those games on kodi to play them. But Xbox is the ultimate gaming console, why should people do this in a tough way? I don’t get it, whatever. Moreover, kodi has got very low standard games. Kodi is a simple media player, not a gaming console. Kodi still has games like duck hunt and cards.

If you are a new user you can follow this 3 step process to install kodi on Xbox. Though there are most played games ones upon a time, now the trend is changing. In any way, if you are looking for those duck hunt and card game, that too is available in Xbox store. There is no hope what good will come on kodi. Anyway, there are few games available on kodi. Let me explain them.

Best gaming addons for Kodi

As far as you are comparing the games with the standard of kodi games, its fine. Personally, I prefer to play games with kodi.


If you want to pass some time, till the download completes then this is the game for you. It is the classic card game. And the gameplay is simple. Place your bets prior to the rounds. And get as close as possible to the score of 21. Depending on your opponent point the game is decided. This is one of the most basic games on kodi. All the games on kodi are basic version games when compared to other gaming consoles. But as far as kodi is concerned there are some of the best games of kodi.


If you are a computer geek you will love this game. In this game few computers are available and you need to connect all those computers with a pipe. This game is similar to forming network connections. The gameplay is connected all the computer to the network in the minimum number of moves. Well to be frank this type of game is bit addictive. We play a lot to reduce the moves as much as possible. And it’s much better than the time pass game.

Duck Fight

This is a traditional duck hunter games. It is a modified version of that game. You need to shoot the duck as it appears on the screen. Most us might be bored of this games. But sometimes it does bring back some good memories. Some of these games hold the trigger to bring back childhood memories.

Well, these are the some of the classic games available in Kodi. You can install kodi on Xbox and play these games. Lots of the better games are available in Xbox itself. So check out the games in Xbox. But these games can be used as a good pass time.

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