Best kodi gaming addons for xbox

This is a kind of wired article. Who would play games on kodi, when they can play all the games on Xbox itself. To do something like this, you need to install kodi on Xbox and install those games on kodi to play them. But Xbox is the ultimate gaming console, why should people do … [Read more…]

Best Addons to Fix Kodi Log Error

It’s always quite annoying to see an error on Kodi. If you are a Kodi user, you would have come across many errors when trying to use some add-ons. Some common error is Stream authorization error, Playback failed error, Check log error, crashing, and some more.  Of all the error, I personally felt that the … [Read more…]

Top 6 Best Kodi Repositories you need to know about!

The Kodi repo are the collections of multiple Kodi addons that have benn stored within a single link. To installing the single repository can give you quick access to install all the addons which are available in the particular repository. Best Kodi Repositories Now let us see the list of best Kodi repositories. Blamo Repository … [Read more…]

Apple’s iPhone 5s: The Most Powerful iPhone Yet

Apple, on the 10th September 2013 announced two new flagship smartphones – the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. This is the first time that Apple is launching two new smartphone on the same day, unlike its tradition of releasing one smartphone every year. For now I’ll be talking about the iPhone 5s (yes the … [Read more…]

Apple’s September 10th iPhone event is official

The rumored September 10th date is real! That’s right, you can now mark your calendars for the arrival of Apple’s new iPhones. The event will be happening at 10AM Pacific Time in Cupertino at Apple’s Campus, No.1 Infinite Loop. We will be covering the event live with minute-by-minute updates on our liveblog. The liveblog will … [Read more…]

Bibo Monsters for iOS Review

An Unknown Spaceship crashes on Earth, scattering colorful tiny monsters all over the planet. The crash and their scream for help were overheard by a Boy living in the Mountains. He finds the tiny monsters and listens to their story. These tiny monsters were on a trip around the Galaxy and returning to their home … [Read more…]

iOS 7 (beta 3) Glitches and Bugs

Apple has announced the most significant and the highly innovative iOS 7 in this year’s WWDC held at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Since the unveiling of the iOS 7 at the keynote, Apple enthusiasts and iDevice owners are waiting for the release of iOS 7 which happens to be in the Fall this year. … [Read more…]

Apple’s Future “Army of Products” and the iWatch

It’s no real secret that Apple is trying hard to bolster it’s retail operations. The Apple CEO expressed his disappointment with current reports citing that 80% of all iPhones are not purchased from its retail stores. Cook believes that the iPhone is Apple’s “gateway product” to get people onto their showroom floor so that they … [Read more…]

Deciderr App Review

Deciderr is, you guessed it, a decision making app. The difference here is that you ask your question within the app and it gets broadcasted to the thousands users in the community. You can also follow people who you think have some interesting/boneheaded questions. If you have an undecided choice or are you just questioning … [Read more…]