Deciderr App Review

Deciderr is, you guessed it, a decision making app. The difference here is that you ask your question within the app and it gets broadcasted to the thousands users in the community. You can also follow people who you think have some interesting/boneheaded questions. If you have an undecided choice or are you just questioning your life, then Deciderr is the app where you need to have. I’ve used the app for two weeks to see how to works for me and if it really will satisfy my curious personality.

UI Design

The app layout is simple, but it has enough elements to do everything the app the can. The app does a lot for an online Q&A app and the interface makes it very easy for you to make your way around the app.

There are 5 tabs at the bottom of the screen. There’s the ‘World’ tab which has every single question asked by anyone on Deciderr. The ‘People’ tab includes a feed of all questions asked by the people you follow (You can follow me @tvijjali). The center tab is ‘Ask’ and, if you haven’t figured it out, this is where you broadcast your questions to the world. The ‘Feed’ tab has all your notifications and other activity. The last tab is ‘Profile’ which has a summary of your total questions (even the ones you are tagged in), followers and people you are following.


With Deciderr you ask the world a question and get a yes/no answer. You can also have discussions or debates in the comments section in every question, which is apparently a thing. In my experience, when I was using the app, there weren’t too many people going to the comments section. You enter the the world of Deciderr by plugging in your your Facebook or Twitter account, and then you choose your username, input your birthday and write out your bio.

You ask a question by hitting the ‘Ask’ button to ask your question. The question asking system is very similar to Twitter. There’s a 144 character limit and you can mention people by typing ‘@’ followed by the username of the person you want to mention. You can also utilize hashtags, which have become unanimous among social networks. You can even attach pictures, so your followers can get a better idea of what you are asking. To answer questions in the World tab or in the People tab, you have to tap the question the you get an option to answer Yes, No or comment. There were some times when I wanted to customize the answer options to make it more specific, but instead I had to restructure my question, but I do understand that this makes the app much simpler and casual.


The Deciderr app is something you use to get a sort of crowd sourced answer to your so very important question. It works very well, but I didn’t get as many answers as quickly as I expected too. This is a clear indicator that Deciderr has a very active, but not large enough community. It kind of sucked that I couldn’t find any of my Facebook friends or Twitter contacts on Deciderr. The main problem with this app is the community size. I personally love the app in terms of looks and functionality, so Deciderr can be really great when the user base grows, which it is doing now. Deciderr is free on the App Store right now, with no In-App Purchases.

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