How To Earn Golds in Wordscapes

Wordscapes is the topmost word puzzle and word pinder game, developed by the PeopleFun Inc. They have released many popular trivia games. A unique thing about Wordscapes Answers is, it combines two different games of trivia into one. This game includes both the word pinder and a crossword puzzle, which attracts the people who are the fans of trivia games.

When you got stuck on any of the levels, you’ll need to get some coins to buy a hint and to help you along. If you are not sure how to earn coins and pass the hard levels of wordscapes, this guide will help you out to fill your virtual piggy bank.

With the help of WordScapes answers for all levels, you can easily pass the hard level but also you’ll need gold coins to unlock other features of the game.

Daily Puzzle

Daily puzzles, will help you to earn more coins for every level and bonus word you make. No one can say how many bonus words are there in each daily puzzle. It will turn into an easy earner by the time the puzzle is done. You’ll get an extra coin when you spell any words in the main mode that aren’t on the board.

Start with the Bonus Word

You can spend some coins to unlock a helpful tip when you got stuck on any level. But if you ever thought from where those coins come from? The easiest way to earn the coins is by just guessing the bonus words that appear in the puzzles. The bonus word isn’t connected to the board of the game, if you are clear then the rest of the puzzle before guessing it, you’ll miss out on the chance to earn the coin


Share With Your Friends

If you are enjoying the wordscapes, you can make 300 coins just by sharing this game with your friends. Just by tapping the little person icon in the bottom left corner of the main menu to bring up your invite options.

Watching Video

You’ll get a chance to watch a video in exchange for coins, every often. This is what they call “easy money”. If you can spend 30 seconds of your time by watching a video, you can get coins.


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