iOS 7 (beta 3) Glitches and Bugs

Apple has announced the most significant and the highly innovative iOS 7 in this year’s WWDC held at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Since the unveiling of the iOS 7 at the keynote, Apple enthusiasts and iDevice owners are waiting for the release of iOS 7 which happens to be in the Fall this year. Apple has been seeding the Beta versions of iOS Since its announcement, for the developers for app support and to report bugs to apple. Apple being known for their perfection and finish, does not want their users to get hold of the buggy version of their major software and be disappointed.

However, there are many iDevice users who happen to update to the latest iOS 7 Beta. You should be aware that Apple’s Beta softwares are actually almost Alpha and it is strictly for development purpose only. Latest iOS 7 Beta 3 is available and its much more Snappier and Stable than Beta 1 or Beta 2.

There are Certain Bugs and Glitches that is yet to be fixed in the upcoming updates. In this article we will list out the Bugs and Glitches that you should keep in mind if you are planning on upgrading your device to the Beta version. Once again, It is just a BETA OS so these bugs and glitches are prone to happen.

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1. The Screen freezes in between abruptly, but device keeps functioning, incoming notifications appear, But unable to swipe across lockscreen. A Hard reset is required to get back to the device.

2.Stock Music App – There is a major bug, that keeps syncing the music over and over again. Add some music to a playlist, and when you add again to another playlist , all these songs sync all together again, resulting in either a successful transfer or complete wipeout of all the songs.

If you are using earphones or earpods with remote, music control functions on the remote fail to work quite often. Also the Fast-Forward, play/pause & Rewind/Previous functions in lock screen fails to work. It will require you to unlock your device and do the change through music app.

3. Video App – Though iTunes show my videos are transferred, it just doesn’t appear on my iPhone.


4.Notes App – While selecting and dragging the highlighted section, it happens to run over and select too many words than desired.

5.Photos App – The look and feel is gorgeous, But the photos app have a major issue when you select a photo for sharing or setting it as wallpaper, It crashes abruptly.

6. Mission Control – Mission control is not accessible While the old keyboard appears in some 3rd party apps like whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

While it works smoothly with keyboard in Notes app and messages app.

7. Some apps do not work.


The developers wont push update for their apps for a Beta OS, so until Gold Master version is out, Dont expect apps to work perfectly. Eg: Clear (UPDATE: ‘Clear’ Works fine in the latest update).

8. Sometimes some apps goes completely transparent while closing others, It happens with phone app, messages app and many other 3rd party apps.


9. Wrong alignment- The new OS is yet to have the final touch.


10. Siri is having hard time responding, and also crashes quite often.

11. Voice Control is not optimised yet.

12.Springboard goes black sometimes after closing some apps in multitasking window. Pic. But its not permanent, you can open settings app and close it to get the wallpaper back.

13. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Google maps work pretty well. WhatsApp sometimes has an issue where when you preview a picture that you send, you might not get the options to go back to the chat, but reopening WhatsApp can fix it.

Again please do keep in mind current iOS 7 is only in Beta 3, and for this stage this OS is absolutely stable and Beautiful. Stay tuned for more updates.

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