Lenny face generator and its features


Lenny face is quite popular in the US and Poland. There are many ways to read or understand this smiley as you can create a lot of different variations and emotions by adding or modifying the Unicode symbols. In Lenny’s plain form, he is most know as a face that is used to spam forums and message boards like 4chan. However, nowadays this smiley is used as a face to describe the meaning of “you know what I mean, right?”, or to throw shade, or to suggest something inappropriate.

About Lenny Face Generator

We have developed an interesting tool which provides a combination of over 100K+ Lenny faces. Have a quick look now.

URL: https://thelennyfaces.com/

Here we had made a user-friendly UI to make sure that our users can create their own Lenny faces. If you are new to our site, then let us explain how to create your own Lenny face. You can find an infinite list of Lenny face on this website. You can also create your own Lenny face.

The Lenny face generator which you find on our website has three major segments likely mouth, ears, and eyes. By clicking on any of any one of your favorite symbols you can generate thousands of Lenny faces. Here we provide with a wide range of ears, mouth, and eyes symbols. By rearranging these symbols you can make thousands of combinations. To provide the better user experience, we have also added some of the coolest features which you might like


Click to Copy: Clicking on the Lenny face will copy the smiley to your clipboard. With this feature, you can easily share your favorite smiley with your friends. You can paste the copied smiley to your chart when you are texting with your friend.

  • Your favorites: You can make your own collection of frequently used Lenny faces.
  • Overall Randomize: If you wanna scare your friends with a random message, then here is your catch.
  • Easy Social Share: You can share the Lenny face on popular social media handles with a single click.
  • The Section with Randomize: If you have no idea on what to choose, then try this feature. It will generate various emoticons randomly.

The above-mentioned features will allow you to use our generator very easily. You will never face any difficulties or problems while using our generator. If you do not like the faces on our website then you can create your own Lenny face by choosing a different ear, eye, and mouth. If you like it, then you can add it to your favorites for future use. Our website works best in Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Bing, and Google Chrome.

Final Words

The more advanced forms of Lenny faces depends on your interpretation. For instance, if you want to create a cute looking Lenny face which doesn’t really seem to have any sort of ulterior meaning than being adorable, then you can choose a different mouth and eye to make it look cute. We would still caution you to use the smiley if you are saying something which is not inappropriate since people may misunderstand you.

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