Top 6 Best Kodi Repositories you need to know about!

The Kodi repo are the collections of multiple Kodi addons that have benn stored within a single link. To installing the single repository can give you quick access to install all the addons which are available in the particular repository.

Best Kodi Repositories

Now let us see the list of best Kodi repositories.

  1. Blamo Repository
  2. Kodi Bae Repository
  3. TV Addons Repository
  4. Maverick TV Repository
  5. Kodi Tips Repository
  6. Good Fellas Repository

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Blamo Repository

The Blamo Kodi repository is home to a number of key Kodi addons. Blamo has forked a few key multi-source addons (that use base code from Exodus and SALTs) and has kept them up to date and active. As well, he has recently added some content for live IPTV. As well, the Wraith Kodi addon is an underrated source for movie and TV metadata that integrates directly into other addons you have installed. The source for the Blamo Repository is and if you use the GitHub Browser, his repository can be found in the MrBlamo420 username.

Kodi Bae Repository

The Kodi Bae repository is considered to be a huge repository forever and largely home to preserving some of the more classic Kodi addons ever created. One of the good thing is that the Kodi addons always keep themselves and many function long after a developer has walked away from the project.


Kodi Bae has made some improvements to some of the code lately, which means fresh updates for some users who are interested. It is very hard to told whether any meaningful updates are coming soon to the Kodi Bae repository or not, but there is a strong selection of addons are available in this repository.

TV Addons Repository

The TV ADDONS Kodi  addon is a source for 100% legal and verified content right now, due to the legal issues that they are battling through right now. However, the repository is still home to some unique and powerful Kodi addons.

Maverick TV Repository

The MaverickTV Kodi repo is a perfect example of quality over quantity. All addons inside of his repo are well-maintained and full of content worth checking out. From movies to TV to sports and IPTV, check out Maverick TV today.

Kodi Tips Repository

This repository can includes only one channel i.e. the Made in Canada which brings an IPTV channels that are available from Canada, Europe, and from so many different countries. These channels are fully related to the entertainment, news, and sports.

Good Fellas Repository

The Good Fellas is yet another great working repository that possesses an extensive media library for those who desires a love for streaming movies, TV shows, and sports. It has the possible potential to draw a huge number of  Kodi users with its extended database.


Here in this article we can provide the list of best Kodi repositories. The repositories present in this article are working very well and Still has no issue. If you have any queries, Kindly do let us know via the below comments box.


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